2 years After #MeToo: What Went Wrong?

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The hashtag #MeToo took the internet by storm the moment it was tweeted by actress Alyssa Milano in 2017. With more than 200,000 retweets and 12 million posts on the first day, a movement was born!

A National Discussion

Finally, a national discussion regarding sexual harassment in the lives of everyday women. In the modern virtual town square, Hollywood was the initial focus. But a universal discourse expanded beyond the industry! 

Checking in two years later, how did things turn out?

After scandals, rallies, and firings, there are mixed opinions. Has the movement gone too far? Has there been unfair collateral damage along the way? 

Or, perhaps justice has escaped a majority of cases! It’s time to look at the development of this social wave and take an inventory for 2019. Be honest — do you remember how it really all began?

Did victims finally get justice or were innocent people unfairly targetted?