3 Common Pet Myths Busted

Animals have quite a mysterious air about them. But here are 3 common myths about our favorite pets that are nothing more than stereotypes.

Photo: Naser Tamimi/Unsplash

All Parrots Talk

Even though most parrots do have the ability to speak, some parrots will never say a word. Why? For the simple reason that each and every parrot is unique. African Grey Parrots and Amazon Parrots, for example, appear to have a larger proclivity for mimicry. Ornithologists still aren’t sure why some parrot species are more likely to communicate than others.

Dogs Smell Fear

When humans are in a state of stress, they may sweat more and release hormones that dogs could associate with terror. But fear does not have a distinct smell. Instead, it manifests itself through a combination of body language, pulse rate, and facial expression. Fear is unlikely to be noticed by a dog if it isn’t a smell in and of itself. But dogs do have a highly developed ability to read body language, and even the tiniest signs of fear will be detected.

Photo: Macey Bundt/Unsplash

Black Cats Bring Bad Luck

For generations, black cats have been a favorite topic of myth and folklore. A black cat crossing your path is considered good luck in Japan, but in much of Europe and the United States, black cats are regarded as a sign of impending bad luck. In Germany, the direction it walks makes all the difference. If the black cat walks from left to right, good times are on its way, but if it crosses you from right to left, the opposite is true. In Scotland, it’s believed that black cats bring money, while they are believed to bring poverty in China.