3 Easy Ways to Combat a Migraine at Home

Do you suffer from migraines? Then you are not alone. These continuous and severe headaches are unique in their discomfort. If you have never experienced a migraine then you are quite lucky – they often leave you with no other option but to go and lie in a darkened room. If you fall into the nasty habit of having regular migraines, then you should see a medical professional. 

Photo: Anthony Tran/Unsplash

What you can also do, though, is try out this quick and simple trick. This can make quite a difference to your ability to cope with and even prevent migraines. This simple home treatment plan can make sure that you can lift the most severe impact of a migraine.

Change your working conditions

The first thing that can bring on migraine is your workspace. If you are working in a cluttered and busy area with lots of fluorescent lighting, for example, you could be contributing to your migraines. You should therefore look to try and change up where you are working. This minor adjustment can make sure you are much more likely to get a proper break from your migraines.

Adjust your posture and positioning

Your posture plays a surprisingly large role in your ability to avoid migraines. If you happen to get lots of migraines then you should look to adjust your posture. This might mean having to invest in a new chair, but it is entirely worth it. Your posture, especially when slouched over, can be a contributor to your migraines either starting or lasting longer. 

Photo: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

Get better sleep and reduce caffeine intake

A big problem for many people who have migraines is they simply drink too much tea and/or coffee. You should try switching to a decaffeinated edition and see if that does you any good. You might also find that you benefit from setting a ‘coffee schedule’ in that you simply have a coffee – a maximum of two per day – at the same time and in the same quantity.

This gets your body used to the impact of the caffeine and makes sure you can avoid those surprise spikes. Another factor is your rest; if you are not sleeping properly then your body will negatively feel the after-effects of this. Good quality of sleep is something that can help to reduce the severity and/or impact of your migraines. Avoid staying up too late, and avoid distractions such as TV and mobile devices for around 60-90 minutes before you try and go to bed.