3 Of The Best Spots for Beach Camping in the US

When it comes to outdoor activities, perhaps the only thing that's better than camping or hanging out by the shore would be beach camping. There are many places in the United States to the beach camp, so we’ve listed down some of the best ones for you!

Hammocks Beach State Park – North Carolina

Be an efficient camper and travel to this campsite in North Carolina. Consider canoeing or kayaking across the barrier island of Bear Island early in the morning. A ferry is also available. Facilities are available there during summertime, but if you plan on visiting in the winter, make sure to prepare accordingly.

Grand Isle State Park – Louisiana

This part of the Gulf Coast Region has a rich diversity of animal species. There are lagoons that attract wildlife, and the state park has many RV spots to choose from, with fourteen beach areas ideal for camping. Take a walk down the pier where you can fish in this 400-foot jut in the sea.

Photo: Jesse Hammer/Unsplash

Bahia Honda State Park – Florida

If you’re traveling to the Key West, make sure to stop by the southernmost state park in the US. This park has over eighty campsites. If you ever think of canoeing or going for a swim, they have practically all the amenities you’ll need for it.