3 Tips For Working From Home With Kids

Working from home has become the new norm for a lot of us. And while a home office has a lot of perks, it can be challenging for parents. Aside from setting up an office/corner/hiding area to work, there are a few other things you can do to balance work and kids successfully.

Photo: Vitolda Klein/Unsplash

Try To Focus On Just One Thing

When you work from home and have little kids, every moment you can concentrate on just one thing is a victory. Try to take advantage of times when you have the luxury of focusing on one thing. Just drive while you’re behind the wheel. Be present while you’re helping the kids with their schoolwork. Put your phone away while watching a movie. You’ll feel less overwhelmed during the chaotic moments if you’ve been able to recharge during the quieter ones.


You can’t do it all… and that’s perfectly ok! Instead of going grey over trying to complete all your work and family duties, choose something which you’re ready to compromise on. Allowing the kids to put their clothes away, getting takeout most evenings, or letting the dishes sit in the sink for a while are all examples of this.

Photo: Mahmud Ahsan/Unsplash

Communicate With Your Job

You’re not alone in your struggle to work productively from home. Inform your employer about an issue you’re having. By making management aware of your challenges, adjustments can be made without compromising your productivity. Another good tip is to reach out for practical advice and emotional support from friends and co-workers who are going through the same thing.