3 Tips to Get The Most Out Of Your To-Do List

Because productivity comes to people in different ways, the secret to successful productivity lies in finding out what will fit your personality and lifestyle best. For those who need to see a list of things to do to fuel their productivity, Ryder Carroll created his own “Bullet Journal”. Based on the results it brought to him; you deserve to be in the loop. Read on to know more about How To Maximize Productivity And Finish Your To-Do List Efficiently according to Carroll:

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Divide all your meetings, events, and calls into different sections from those that you want to accomplish within the same time. Create a separate section for those who don’t fit in those categories. Those are the things that you will only focus on when you’re not attending events, meetings, or getting on a call.


By grouping all the similar tasks, you are making things easier for your brain to stay focused on the same things. Carroll advises that people should avoid doing creative work after an hour of sending emails. Task switching takes time, and it will affect work quality when it goes ignored.

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Make an ‘Anti-to-do’ list

A weekday drinking session with office mates might sound fun and stress relieving, but that should happen on weekends. We only have 24 hours in a day, and you can’t do everything in one go. So remind yourself of the things that are not important so you’ll program your brain to focus on the things that will do you good.