4 Interesting Toppings to Start Adding to Your Bagels

Ah, the bagel. The humble bagel. The wise, versatile, chewy bagel. What food!

The only problem you might have with bagels is working out what to put on one of these bad boys. If you want to start enjoying bagels with some extra flavor, here are some ideas that you could try out. Bagels tend to be quite simplistic, but adding some of the following can transform their taste entirely.

Photo: Vicky Ng/Unsplash


The bagel and banana combination is an absolute winner if you like the texture of the banana. I love the taste but find the texture revolting, so this would not be one that I would enjoy. Everyone that was recommended to me, though, was a big fan of the bagel with banana. So, if you are looking for a way to enjoy some bagels with a difference, this should be an option that is high up on your list.

Peanut butter

This is one that just about everyone must have tried. If you never enjoyed peanut butter and apple bagel when you were a kid, then you have missed out!

This is a vintage must-try bagel that can be very fun if you like the taste of peanut butter. It can add extra crunch and crispiness to the bagel itself and can go a long way to adding flavor and energy where previously nothing existed.

Photo: Caitlyn Wilson/Unsplash

Serrano ham

Do you like ham? Then get yourself some serrano ham and add that on top of your bagel. Trust me – it is a wonderful combination, a match made in heaven. Serrano ham works very well on a bagel because it brings to life so much flavour and, if the ham is heated up, it crisps up to a delightful level. If you want to enjoy something a bit different then you should try out some serrano ham on a bagel – it’s like a crisp, clean slice of bacon without the fat!


Of course, we had to have something sweet on this list! Have you ever tried a bagel with Nutella?

It’s sublime. Throw in some hazelnuts or walnuts, too, and you get an even more enjoyable taste and flavour at the end. Nutella is a fine flavouring to add to a bagel as it can turn what is usually a savoury delight into something a bit sweeter. That is the beauty of bagels – it goes as well with chocolate spread as it does with something like a piece of bacon.