4 Simple Home Remedies Right From Your Garden (Or Apartment!)

Gardening can be such a useful hobby. Some of us might be unaware of it, but many remedies to common ailments can be treated with things you can grow right in your own backyard! Here are some simple home remedies you probably already have growing in your garden.


Cilantro and Coriander

They say there is no arguing about taste. This could not be more true when it comes to cilantro. But this herb and its seeds-which are called coriander-are useful in multiple ways at home. Use cilantro if you need some assistance with your digestive system, especially in helping your body rid itself of heavier metals or toxins. It can be used in pesto, loads of culture-based dishes, and much more.


Mints as a whole have a wide range of uses at home in foods, drinks and medicinal purposes. Peppermint made into a cream can help sore muscles, most mints in tea form help with digestive problems or pain. Mint can definitely be difficult to have in a normal garden since all the varieties will spread far and fast if left open, so these could be perfect indoor medicinal options or for container gardening.


Lavender is a crowd favorite when it comes to home remedies and garden use. It does become difficult to grow at home for some since this plant can be quite finicky on its need for proper drainage and good sunlight. But if you can manage to keep some lavender healthy for use, this multi-use herb can benefit your sleep schedule, calm nerves, reduce stress internally and mentally, and much more!


These are just the starting point of what you could make possible with your garden! Home remedies are excellent for those of us that only deal with minor health problems here and there, or want to avoid medications whenever we can to opt for more natural items. You can find loads of simple options out there for remedies utilizing common garden herbs and plants, but these were our picks of the simple home remedies in your garden that could prove useful!