4 Simple Tips To Make Your Bedroom Feel More Comfortable For Autumn

Summer is over, sadly, and with that comes the falling leaves of autumn. If you want to make sure you are comfortable this fall, though, you want to make sure your bedroom feels good. This is the first and last place you see each day; make sure it feels suited to the autumn. How can you add that friendly fall feeling so your bedroom is suited to the time of year?

Photo: Spacejoy/Unsplash

Get the right kind of bed coverings

From changing to the thicker duvet to getting those flannel blankets out, you should do everything you can to make the place feel warmer and more welcoming. You want to wake up in a warm, happy room; you also want to come home from the cold to a nice, welcoming bedroom that looks fluffy and charming. Add in some extra bed coverings like flannel covers, and you will soon feel more at home.

Add a focal point wall

You should, where possible, turn one of your walls into a seasonal changing ‘focus’ wall. Your feature wall should be one that can be easily painted, so keep it clutter-free. Try and have the feature wall the one that you look at as soon as you wake up from your slumber. A focal point painted in a rich fall color of your choosing can add extra freshness to the room, bringing all of your other little accents and features together. 

Photo: SANDRA REI/Unsplash

Add some vibrant pillow colors

Covering up your pillows in some friendly and charming-looking pillow colors would be a great choice. This can make sure that your pillows look brighter and fit in with the oranges, yellows, etc. of the fall period. Buying new pillowcases and swapping them over for fall is more affordable than buying a whole new range of pillows. This energizes the room, making it look highly suitable for the fall period.

Make the most of autumnal scents

Another way to make your bedroom feel more autumn-friendly is to add some extra scents into the air. You can find that things like musk, cinnamon, and another kind of woody scents can fit in perfectly with the smells we come across during the autumn. Do this, and you can ensure that your home is going to feel far more friendly and suitable for the colder months which are set to arrive in the future.