40 Celebrities With Different Colored Eyes


We all know and love celebs with special eyes, hair and skin tone combinations. After all, beauty comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. But what about celebs that have two different-colored eyes? You’ll be surprised to learn just how many celebs have this unique feature.

A Rare Condition

So, what exactly is ‘heterochromia’? It’s the medical term for when the pigmented part of the eye, AKA the iris, is multicolored.

That could either mean that each eye is a completely different shade, or that both eyes have flecks of another color.

Did You Notice These Celebrities Have It?

Mark your calendars, there’s even a holiday to honor it – ‘Different Colored Eye Day’ on July 2019.

Less than 1% of the population have this bizarre condition. We bet you never realized that some of your favorite celebrities have it too...


Sarah McDaniel

This young Instagram model rose to fame thanks to her distinctive eye color.

The new face of heterochromia, Sarah McDaniel, scored a modeling career thanks to her hazel and blue irises.

Tim McIlrath

A punk rock musician from Indiana, Tim McIlrath is the lead singer of the alternative band Rise Against.

McIlrath certainly has a distinctive worldview, with a blue left eye and a hazel right eye.