5 Mind-Bending Facts About “The Matrix”

For over two decades “The Matrix” has been challenging our perception of reality. As Neo discovers the shocking truth about the life he knew to be accurate, viewers around the globe are sucked into an ongoing battle to destroy the illusion that has been enslaving humanity. Are you ready to dig deeper into “The Matrix” with little-known facts about the film’s production?

Photo: ANIRUDH/Unsplash

Filming in Australia

The film’s entire production was shot in Australia. The decision to shoot in Australia was made for tax purposes, lowering the film’s budget significantly. Interestingly enough, all the street names were taken from locations in Chicago, inspired by where the Wachowskis grew up.


Warner Brothers studio was convinced that the Wachowskis, who had no previous experience, were underqualified to direct the major motion picture. To prove they were worth taking the risk, the Wachowskis wrote and directed the 1996 film, “Bound.” It seems like they managed to prove their merit!

Brushing up on Philosophy

The film’s directors had all the lead actors read “Out of Control” by Kevin Kelly, “Simulacra and Simulation” by Jean Baudrillard, and “Introducing Evolutionary Psychology” by Dylan Evans and Oscar Zarate to appreciate the movie’s world better. A nod to the movie’s philosophy, Neo hides his illegal files in a copy of “Simulacra and Simulation.” 

Photo: Samuel Regan-Asante/Unsplash

Color-Coded Worlds

This next one is for those to pay close attention to detail. Every scene that takes place within the computer world we know as the Matrix, was given a green hue. The scenes that took place within the real world have a blue tint. Moreover, the only time green appears in “the real world” is in the scenes we see the Matrix code within the ship’s computer screen. 


Though we couldn’t imagine anyone other than Keanu Reeves for the part of Neo, the filmmakers had a long list of actors they preferred. Both Nicolas Cage and Will smith formally turned down the role, and Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp were considered before it the decision was made to cast Reeves.