5 Tips for the Best First Date

The first date with someone you don't know is always exciting. Maybe you've been paired up with someone or you've already met through a dating app or platform. How do you make sure that you start your date relaxed and that you have a good time anyway?

Photo: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

Be prepared

Are you afraid of awkward silences? Don't worry. First, the conversation doesn't have to be perfect. Second, when you have a good click the conversation will naturally go smoothly. If not, you may not be the good match you're looking for. If you find it difficult to keep a conversation going, then it can't hurt to prepare yourself a bit in advance by looking up some fun first-date questions. If you don't know what to say anymore, you can fall back on these. Use these questions to try and find out if this person is right for you. Make sure you don't just fire off a list of questions at your date, it probably won't make it any more fun.

Choose a nice location

The perfect date location is different for everyone. And while grabbing a drink or a bite is always a solid option, by doing something active you get to know each other in a whole new way. Choose something you both like, whether that's a visit to the museum or going rock climbing!

Don't expect too much

The idea that you might meet the love of your life on this date is overwhelming. Try not to have too high of expectations. Don't write someone off too quickly either. If you are both excited about going on a first date, you may need a second date where you are both more relaxed. Make sure your date doesn't last too long, if it's nothing you can go home quickly. But just to be sure, keep some time free after the date in case you have such a good time that you want to extend the evening.

Photo: Karina Carvalho/Unsplash

Go into it open and spontaneous

The first date is mainly about getting to know each other. So be yourself and show a lot of interest in the other person. When the other person talks, really listen and ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation going. Try to avoid heavy topics, it's now about getting an impression of who you're sitting across from you. It is important that you have a good time and that you can laugh together on your first date. Make sure you always remain yourself, you both have nothing to gain if you pretend to be different than you are.

Honesty is the best policy

If, at the end of the evening, you are convinced that there is no more to it than a friendship or even that, be honest about that. If you're not up for a second date, then he or she will know as soon as possible. You also do not want to be kept on a short leash.