6-Year-Old Takes Mother's Thong to School, Hilarity Ensues

For any parent, the idea of our kids being so young and adorable as to miss some very obvious things can be so endearing. At that early age in life, it’s great to see just how much our kids are willing to explore and to try out new things.

Facebook/@Heather M. Nicholson

It’s only later in life that we start to put up such consistent barriers, after all. For most kids, though, that is not really a problem they need to worry about.

However, for one kid, the hilarity for a wardrobe malfunction was very much one that went viral. 

When Hunter, 6, went off to school, he never realized that static cling would have him carrying something very personal around with him!

Personal Surprise at Music Class

When Heather Nicholson, Hunter’s mom, went to pick him up from school, he seemed quite keen to tell her about a ridiculous thing that happened at school that day.

Facebook/@Heather M. Nicholson

He exclaimed “I found this during music class!” to his mother – before holding one of her black thongs up in front of her!

Confused as to what happened, Hunter stuffed them down the leg of his pants. He then kept having to ‘tie his shoelaces’ in a bid to stop it from falling out and causing quite the faux pas. 

As Heather posted on Facebook, she said: “After I caught my breath, I snatched them back and said ‘THANKS, SON!’

“I mean, if you don't save your mom’s thong, are you even a momma’s boy? 🤷🏼‍♀‍😂”

With over 300,000 reactions and comments, it’s fair to say that this will be one for the Nicholson family to remember. 

Parents, be sure to check your kids before you send them out the door in the morning. You never know what static cling might have attached to their school clothes – yes, even your fancy panties!