A Goat Jumped Into A Deputy’s Patrol Car And Snacked On The Paperwork!


Okay, we have all experienced an unusual moment and found a humorous situation that just made our day. Just try and imagine you are an officer in Douglas County, GA, delivering paperwork to someone’s home. You’d probably figure it would be one of those totally normal and maybe even mundane days. Then again, due to an interesting event, everything turned up-side-down!

What started off as a typical day for a Douglas County Deputy turned out to be so much more than that. The deputy was in the process of delivering papers to a home when she made a big mistake by leaving the door of her car wide open! She never could have guessed that someone would take advantage of the open door and just jump in.

When she returned to her car, much to her surprise, she discovered a clever little goat was in the car and behind the wheel while enjoying a meal of some paperwork left on the passenger-side seat.

According to the sheriff’s office, she never expected nor considered what was about to happen!

The body cam seems to have spoken a thousand words! I hope it made her day and was anything but average!

The next time you believe your day will be humdrum and “A-Typical”, think twice - you just never know what might be around the corner! Hopefully, whatever the unexpected might be, something like this will make you laugh out loud!