Actors Who Underwent a Transformation to Land an Acting Role

The world of acting is a confusing place, with the difference between a good and a great performance often the small, almost unnoticeable factors. However, for some actors and actresses, going the extra mile to land a role is essential. From Robert de Niro literally becoming a taxi driver for a while to master the art for Taxi Driver, to those who put on tonnes of weight to land a role, who are some of the biggest screen names who have gone further to ensure they can land parts?

Photo: @tomhardyvariations/Instagram

Tom Hardy in Bronson

If you go and watch Tom Hardy in just about any role, the guy looks totally transformed. Some actors get by playing essentially recasts of the same character; Hardy is a complete acting chameleon. When he took on the role of infamous prisoner Charles Bronson, the transformation required him to gain as much as 8lbs per week to reach the size and bulk needed.

The results, though, speak for themselves in what is one of his most beloved roles.

Charlize Theron in Monster

Regarded as one of the most standout actresses of her generation, Theron impressed many with her change to take on her role in Monster. In this role, she piled on the weight, and she even wore a prosthetic belly to help add extra weight and girth to her look. She even walked around with the belly attached so she could make walking with a belly feel more natural and authentic! 

Photo: @charlizeafrica/Instagram

Christian Bale in The Machinist

One example of an actor going above and beyond would be Bale in The Machinist. For this role, Bale lost 25 pounds of muscle and also refused to eat solid food for a period of time. The result was the transformation from someone who looked like an athlete to someone who looked every bit like the frail gentleman he plays in the movie. A sole apple and a can of tuna each day were all he ate!

The world of acting is one that demands commitment and zeal from those who really want to stand out in their roles. Body transformations are never easy, but for some roles, it is required. The above stars make up just three examples of those who went the extra mile – which roles stand out most in your mind?