Ashley Graham Diaper Controversy Continues

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For any parent, one thing you don’t want to need to deal with in public is your baby having a ‘toilet incident’. Not only is it off-putting for everyone around you, but it can be uncomfortable for the wee ones.


If you do find a good place to settle down and change them, though, you can do that without having to worry too much. After all, when a baby has to go, they have to go – should you deny them that?

When Ashley Graham decided to change her baby's diaper in the middle of the floor at Staples, though, some people got offended. She decided to change Isaac in the middle of the floor, and there were no bathrooms to go and change him in instead. 

What you gonna do? Walk around with a baby who really needs a new nappy? Come on!

So, she decided to do the change in the middle of the store, and it’s safe to say the reaction wasn’t entirely positive. 

She posted on her social media, saying: “Sh💩t just got real! First diaper blowup while running errands with no restroom in sight! Thank God I remembered to put the changing mat in the diaper bag!!!”

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Sh💩t just got real! First diaper blow up while running errands with no restroom in sight! Thank God I remembered to put the changing mat in the diaper bag!!!

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Public's Response for Baby's Blowout

Many people praised her for taking the initiative and stopping her kid from having to run around covered in bodily fluid. 

However, others were less understanding.


One user wrote (rather aggressively): 

“Soooooo, you took the time to set your camera up to take this photo... but a more sanitary private area, i.e. bathroom changing table, car, etc., couldn’t be found? I’m sorry, but tryna [sic] capture a photo of my child’s ‘blowout’ is way less important than finding a safer cleaner area to change him/her other than a changing mat on a floor. And yes, I have three kids that I'm raising and know all too well about that diaper failing when you’re out in public.”

To be fair, we can kind of see the point there. Fair enough if you just have to do it there and then, but to try and then turn it into some kind of viral social media post? Not sure about that, to be honest.

Given that others told her that Staples certainly do have bathrooms, as well, it’s kind of hard to work out who is telling the truth here. 

From the controversy over her public breastfeeding to this, it appears that the early days of Ashley Graham’s pregnancy are going to be as controversial as one could expect.

To be fair, we don’t think she really cares very much at all about what some people will post to her on social media. If your kid is walking around caked in number two, then it’s only decency to help them fix the problem, right?

As ever, it’s always hard to gauge when the internet is just being raging for the sake of it, or if people were actually offended/put out by this. 

Who knows? For now, though, it’s safe to say that we’ll likely see more baby-based controversy to come in the near future. 

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