Awesome Mother Leads the Way With Awesome Daughter Job Hunting Technique

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When you want to see your kids do well in life, it can be hard to know exactly where to begin. We have so much that we want to teach our kids, and only so much time in the day that we can use.


When our kids come to us looking for help with getting a job, though, we often like to stick to the tropes. Turn up looking the part, and you will get the part. 

But the problem is, what if you aren’t someone who is naturally suited to that kind of dress style?

Then you should listen to the awesome wisdom of Jennifer Lopez-Reed. Lopez-Reed is the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Advisor at Eli Lilly and Company. 

She wanted to help her daughter get into the world of work, her 9-year-old said that she wanted to do something similar to her mother. With her school job fair coming up, she wanted to make sure she had the chance of getting the job.

So her mother gave her awesome advice: start acting like you’ve got the job, and you’re going to walk around the school as if you are the CEO yourself. In fact, she said, let’s get you dressing like a CEO!

Her daughter, though, protested; she didn’t want to wear a dress. That’s when Jennifer made it clear to her daughter that this wasn’t only completely acceptable, it was actually becoming the norm. 

And the reason why? As Jennifer said: “You don’t have to, let’s look for something that you feel confident in,”

Now while this is nice advice for a fourth-grader, you might not want to turn up to your next interview in a soccer shirt and a pair of jeans. However, as Jennifer notes, you don’t have to play up to the stereotypes, either. 

Breaking the Rules

Young women don’t have to turn up wearing a dress anymore; you can dress far more confidently, comfortably, and actively suited to who you are, nobody else.


Sending her little one to school looking the part, she got an exciting message to tell her that her daughter had, in fact, landed the job. The story that was shared, as you might imagine, went viral on LinkedIn. 

Given this is a place where people literally talk about employment, it was so cool to see so many nice comments on the messages underneath the post.

It was great for making people realize that you don’t have to play to the stereotype if you don’t want to. Why should you have to dress a certain way to land a job? that’s not how it works, not anymore. 

As Jennifer shows above, we don’t all have to conform to get what we want in life!