Barbie Introduces Awesome New Dolls for Special Conditions

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For years, one of the biggest problems that you could find with the toys industry is how perfect they make people look.


From Action Man convincing you that you had to get ripped to be taken seriously to Barbie dolls that were always just blonde girls with comical features, our toys set a poor impression for the kids of today.

That, though, is now surely changing. Today, we are seeing a range of new Barbie doll products released which are far more open-minded. In fact, two of these dolls include dolls with alopecia and vitiligo, respectively. 

For any young child with those conditions, having a doll that actually represents who they are can feel immensely liberating. This is a big reason why we recommend that you look to get a Barbie doll that actually reminds your kid of themselves. 

Whether they have a health condition or don’t see themselves as a blonde caricature, these new dolls add a sense of extra diversity to the collection and this has been happening for a while now, too. 

From Barbies with wild hairstyles to Barbie dolls in wheelchairs, we’ve got something for every kind of personality and lifestyle. Now, it’s easier than ever for your kid to find a toy that they can play with that they can feel a genuine relation to and enjoyment from spending time with.

Barbie is Getting Bigger

For over 50 years, Barbie has been one of the biggest toy brands in the world. Now, though, she isn’t quite so based on the ‘blonde bombshell’ style that she carried for so many years.


Today, they come in all shapes and sizes, with various skin tones, hairstyles, clothing themes, and personal attributes to enjoy looking at. For any kid, then, this is very important. 

The Barbie brand has been growing massively for years, and their new Fashionistas line of products will really help to open up their variety to all. From a doll with no hair to a Ken doll with long hair, we’ve got something to pick from for every single kid out there.

Indeed, it’s been growing all the time – with 170 new looks introduced in the last five years alone. With 35 different skin tones to pick from and nine different body styles and looks, Barbie isn’t so generic anymore. 

You even have close to 100 hairstyles to pick from, with a fair helping of Barbie dolls in previously male-dominated industries like robotics engineering.

So, the days of Barbie being the archetype of a shopping addict who spends all day waiting for Ken to come home are gone. Welcome to the new era of Barbie – where it feels like exploitation progress and more something for kids to relate to.

Now, children with issues when it comes to their health or their lifestyle can find a toy that actually feels like a good fit for them. No longer do your kids just need to use their potent powers of imagination to pretend their Barbie is just like them! 

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