Queen Elizabeth is Looking for a Social Media Director!!

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According to Buckingham Palace, the position for Social Media Director pays up to £50,000 or $67,000 with weekends off and free lunch! It’s for Royal Communications to engage with the Queen’s audience and work with the Royal Family. 


This position would seem to be appropriate for a media powerhouse or Silicon Valley startup as head of digital engagement. Just make sure you know that O.B.E means Order of the British Empire!

Of course, there are many possibilities when your boss happens to be Queen Elizabeth II, who is now 93, and looking for a social media expert to develop content and help her connect to her millions of followers, according to the job posting on LinkedIn- Click Here

The Help Wanted notice was posted on Thursday and will redirect all applicants to the royal family’s own website. It states, clearly, the pay range is between 45,000 and 50,000 pounds a year, working 37.5 hours a week.

Paraphrasing The Posting::

It’s realizing your content will be viewed by millions, it’s also remaining active in order to find new ways to maintain the queen’s presence as viewed by the public while being on the world stage. This alone is why working for the royal family is extraordinary!


The listing was posted at a very turbulent time in the Royal family while dealing with the negative publicity surrounding Prince Andrew’s connections with financier Jeffrey Epstein who was accused of sex trafficking before the supposed suicide.

Since Prince Charles is taking a more active role in shaping the royal agenda, many are keeping an eye out to see if the Queen might be thinking of handing over the reins to him.

Donald McCabe, a spokesman for the queen, said the position is replacing an employee who is leaving for another job. He said the role is senior to a digital communications officer which in the job listing in May said the salary was around 30,000 pounds are $40,000 pounds.

According to LinkedIn’s current posting, the application deadline is December 24. The perfect candidate should have experience in managing and editing high-profile websites, social media, and other digital formats. 

The Line Forms on the Left

As of Friday, over 200 people have applied for the position through LinkedIn, according to the website.

An associate professor of modern British history at Boston University, Arianne Chenock, said during an interview on Thursday, the job was a recognition of the role that social media plays in helping the royal family control its image.


She also added that she thinks the royal family has been trying to figure out how to be more proactive in their relationship with the media. It seems the royal family also has its own YouTube channel and it’s that illusion of intimacy the family is trying to project.

Professor Chenock said she thinks it won’t be spontaneous, certainly, it can be more immediate. But there is a difference, they are not going to see off-the-cuff comments.

The royal family took a hit last month when Prince Andrew gave a huge broadcasted interview to the BBC about his dealings with Mr. Epstein who he stayed with during 2010 in New York after Epstein served time for soliciting a minor for prostitution. He announced he would step back from his public duties after the interview.

This is in contrast to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who shared photos of their joint Instagram account which has almost 10 million followers. In July, they posted images of the private christening of their son, Archie.

It seems the royal family became accustomed to news media crises in the 1990s with Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce. The Epstein scandal may just have a new emergency to it.

A public relations veteran said the salary for the new digital director seems very low. It seems the position has a significant amount of responsibility for a salary that is pretty junior said Jen Danzi who runs a public relations social media and event-planning company in Connecticut. 

She also believes Buckingham Palace should view the association with the queen and the experience as part of the compensation. She wondered how much independence the successful candidate will have to post on social media, especially if they have to abide by something like a nondisclosure agreement. 

The bottom line, social media, and nondisclosure do not go together.