Chinese Cruises Put on Freeze Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

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With the tragic outbreak of the Conorovirus in China showing no signs of slowing down, many other nations are beginning to take precautions.


While there has been quite a large amount of causes outside of China already, many countries have moved quickly to ban travel to and from China. Other locations, though, are cancelling trips to China – especially cruise companies. 

At the moment, Costa Cruises, MSC Cruises, and Royal Caribbean have all ceased their trips to China due to the outbreak.

All upcoming departures to China are now on hold. This is a shame because the trips to China have been hugely popular with people who have been going. 

Public health always comes first, though, and the severity of this outbreak means that there has to be a mature response to the situation at hand.

China Claims: Overreaction

There have been quite a few cancellations in terms of trips to China since the outbreak of the virus began. It’s easy to see why, too; with so little uncertainty as to when a vaccine will be ready, there has to be caution taken to protect the public. 


However, it’s fair to say that China has not reacted well to various travel bans and cancellations, saying that it has been an overreaction.

For now, though, the trips are for the most part going to be cancelled – especially to the most impacted parts of China. At the moment, we can expect to see a regular update from the cruise companies and other travel firms as to what happens next.

Any passengers who were expected to be travelling will now be unable to do so and have ban given a full refund for the cancellation taking place. 

With the severity of the virus spreading and the issues getting a touch more pronounced, expect more cancellations to come in the near future.

Looking For a Solution

For many companies, the risk is simply too great to take people out to China at the moment. So, we can expect several more cancellations to come in the short-term. 


Though that might seem unfair, it’s simply the way of the process when a viral outbreak takes place. 

Hopefully, a solution can be found soon. 

Many hospitals are being built in China, primarily in Wuhan, and work is being done worldwide to come up with a solution in terms of a vaccine as soon as is possible.

To try and avoid the risk of spreading and infection further, though, all cruises are being put on hold until a solution can be sought. 

Until that happens, expect more regular cancellations both in terms of air travel and in terms of people going to and from China via cruise ships.