Corona Virus Screening to Take Place in Major US Airports

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With the coronavirus medical emergency in China now becoming more and more serious by the day, it’s not taken long for US emergency services to kick into action.


As more countries become fully aware of the severity of what could happen with the virus if it continues to spread, checks are becoming more and more commonplace. 

That’s why it has just been announced that a trio of major US airports will now be screening passengers for signs of the illness.

While we know very little about the illness just now, with medical and vaccine teams working around the clock to find answers, we do know it’s becoming increasingly dangerous. 

With the death toll exceeding 100 already, there is much fear about what this virus could do. Reports have become widespread about the virus spreading and reaching other nations, so other countries are now acting. 

The USA has decided to be proactive and make sure it’s putting in place solutions to try and screen as many people as it can. With the strain of the virus never seen before in humans, this is a new challenge. 

Corona Virus Keeps On Spreading

It’s already reached other parts of Asia, with people in Europe and America also being tested for its presence. Certain travellers at three major USA airports – San Francisco International Airport, J.F.K in N.Y and L.A.X will now be tested upon arrival.

The main aim is to try and catch anyone coming from a flight that was coming from Wuhan, China, where the illness seems to have begun from a marketplace. However, it’s not 100% sure what will be the outcome of these tests. 

With the severity of the spread becoming more and more obvious by the day, there is major fear about what might come next.

Passengers will have their temperatures checked upon arrival, and will need to answer a questionnaire. They will be asked if they have major viral symptoms – coughs, breathing difficulties, and/or fever – and they might need to go under additional checks if they have some or all of these issues.

The virus itself is something that we know very little about at the moment. With the death rising beyond the 100 mark, though, it’s fair to say that authorities are working quickly and trying to find an active solution to the virus. 

While that might not be possible immediately, it’s something that is being worked on directly. It’s got a resemblance to the SARS outbreak of 2003, where 800 people died. 

With the fact that this has taken place during the Lunar New Year, though, the spread could be even more pronounced. The rapid response and the fast screening of anyone with a potential condition, though, can only be a good thing.