Dad Kicks Daughter's Friend out from Slumber Party, Asks Reddit for Opinion

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Today, Reddit has become the go-to discussion point for everything. From finances to video games, sports to politics, religion to DIY, it has a section for everyone. 


However, one of it’s best sections include places where people essentially tell the crazy things they’ve done in life and ask for a judgment from the court of public opinion. One great Reddit channel for this would be the AITA (Am I The Assh*le) section.

However, while AITA is mostly about people making (mostly horrific) decisions and seeing what people think, other sections are a bit more serious. For example, one Dad turned to the subreddit to ask for some advice about kicking a girl out of his daughter's slumber party. Sounds crap, right?

The father, 34, had thrown a slumber party for his 14-year-old daughter. Five girls had been invited, including one who the dad refers to as a “spoiled brat” from the moment she arrived. Apparently, the kid spent the vast majority of her time at the event stuck to her phone. 

She even had the audacity to scoff at the iPhone 7 that mom and dad had worked so hard to buy for their birthday girl.

The kid, as you might imagine, had the newest model. Apparently, it even made his own kid not like the phone, asking her parents why they couldn’t have got her the newest one before leaving the phone in the room behind. That would hurt, right?

The dad took a look at the now-discarded phone and it was complete with texts calling her party and all the gifts “lame”, as well as saying that the “spoiled brat” wishes she could just go home.


So, the dad decided that was just what would happen. At 1 AM, he went in to see the girls (who were still awake) and asked the ‘brat’ to pack her things.


The dad said on Reddit: “I took her downstairs and asked her to call her mom. She asked why and I said, ‘Because that’s what you said, right? That you wish you could go home? So go.’ She was tearing up a bit and made the call.”

Apparently, the mother apologized on her behalf and asked if she could stay. He put his foot down, though, and she left. His wife apparently claims that he “overreacted”, but he seems quite steadfast in his view of the incident. 

In the post, he further states: “It was MY DAUGHTER’s bday, and I didn’t want the rest of her night ruined because of some spoiled brat who was making it all about her. I guess she didn’t exactly do anything wrong, but at the same time, her attitude was unbelievable. AITA?”

Mate, if you read this, you are NOT the ass here at all. Imagine being invited to your friend’s birthday, going Full Solipsism, and then being so bloody rude as to scoff at the present she received. 

There were (luckily) plenty of supportive responses, saying that hopefully that his daughter would realize that having friends like that isn’t really worth their time. It might hurt the daughter today, but in the long run, she’s going to benefit from not hanging around with people who act like that.

Of course, some disagreed, saying that the dad had let his “fragile ego” get hurt and had acted childishly. I’ll just need to agree to disagree with that – but I can only imagine how the kids of those who responded like that act at slumber parties…

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