Daughter’s Fashion Advice Gets Dad Great Results

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When 56-year old single dad Jeff Saville asked his daughter for some fashion advice he certainly got more than he bargained for.

Back in July 2019, Jeff of Friendswood, Texas, was about to go on a date. Like most people in that situation, he was pretty nervous. He wanted to look smart without overdoing it so he asked his daughter Carli, 19, for some advice. 

She made sure her dad looked great by recommending a few ideas and, of course, reminding him of the details like adding a belt. Sadly, just as Jeff was about to leave the house the date fell through so we will never know the outcome of Carli’s advice.

What was Carli doing?!

What Jeff didn’t know was that Carli had been posting their conversation on Twitter and had also uploaded some photos of her dad. These received an amazing 168,000 likes and were retweeted 6,000 times. 

Not only that but Jeff also received a few offers!

Father of four, Jeff, has four daughters: Mia (14), Jade (16), Carli (19) and Hannah (22) and, 3 years on from his divorce he is looking for a new mate. After 22 years of marriage, it is a pretty daunting idea.

This is a story that is instantly relatable and led to a lot of matchmaking online with many showing, Carli's tweets to their own single mothers! 

The tweets also really boosted Jeff's self-esteem with lots of positive comments and more fashion advice to keep him looking good.

Even for the young and tech-savvy, navigating the world on online-dating can be complicated. An entire industry of dating coaches has sprung up specifically to help people find love online. 

Many of these are aimed at seniors who can find the process daunting.

The use of online dating services by those aged 55-64 is on the rise and has risen dramatically in the five years between 2013 and 2018. A recent survey showed that online dating use in this age group is now 20%.

After Carli's tweets went viral Jeff gave Twitter a go himself but has since left the social networking site. Other older guys relate to Jeff's situation, saying that it is too easy to get stressed out over looking for a mate. 

Ultimately staying chilled and enjoying life is the key to happiness; if that special someone is out there they will come along in good time.