Designer Dresses We Wish We Had

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Fashion is a powerful thing. It’s almost a language for many people, an outward expression of yourself and what you want to present to the world. And let’s be honest, it’s incredible what a little skin can do to get you noticed.

This list counts down the most scandalous dresses ever worn by celebs which in some cases is where they kick-start their careers. Get ready to drop your jaw…


Riri is another star known for shocking an audience with her risky red-carpet wear, but for the 2017 Met Gala she may not have shown off as much skin as she could have had.

Still, she proved herself a fashion icon with this look:

Putting her own interpretation on the theme of the year Avant gart, she looked like an absolute piece of art with this architectural gown.

Keep reading to see the dresses which stunned the world: