Ever Washed Your Hair with Vaseline? Kristen Bell’s Daughter Just Did...

Vaseline is one of those things that if you ask someone old enough, they’ll tell you it can “solve anything”. Now, the problem is that for a younger person that can be taken far too literally. 

Instagram/ @kristenanniebell

For one young girl, in particular, the problem was that she had used Vaseline in her hair. For anyone who has used Vaseline before, you can probably spot the issue…

The daughter of Kristen Bell, then, decided to go ahead and use Vaseline in her hair. Kirstin Bell took to her Instagram Stories page to spread the comical story with the rest of the world. 

It showed her kid's hair absolutely COVERED in petroleum jelly. It looks absolutely horrific, we have to say. Asking for help from the internet, she actually received some useful information to help her out with. Sometimes, we just don’t get any help – we just get trolls.

However, a kind soul suggested that she try using some dish soap in the way. She responded by saying that she was “very grateful” for the help, as it was able to get the muck and the mire out of the hair.

Instagram/ @kristenanniebell

Apparently, though, another good solution that you might have on-hand is to use some clarifying shampoo. This should do a good job of making sure that the gunk can be removed and avoid leaving their hair in a horrific mess.

The internet can be a pretty horrific place at times, with a lot of people offering less than useful solutions that we might be facing.

If you worry that you might end up facing a dilemma like Kristen and her daughter, be sure to ask the nicer parts of the internet for some advice that you can actually put to good use!