Families Tape Kids Drawings to Windows In a Mission to Spread Joy

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As we all get very used to being indoors for months at a time with the COVID-19 outbreak, people are looking for ways to stay motivated. Money is tight, supplies are scarce, and there really is not enough to go around in some places. It’s putting a lot of people in a natural sense of uncertainty about what the future holds. And when we have those problems, one thing that can always brighten up our hearts is the natural desire, happiness, and enthusiasm of kids.

So, that’s why you might notice quite a lot of kid’s drawings on the windows of the houses all around you. This has become a global phenomenon, with people uploading photos of windows from all around the world with photos their kids have drawn. You might start to notice them more and more now – with rainbows, in particular, being a big part of the drawing scene at the moment for kids.

Social distancing is hard for kids, so it’s nice to see that lots of kids are finding their more creative edge at this moment in time. Most children are used to playing outdoors, so being cooped up all day inside is going to be quite an effort – even for a generation used to tablets, social media, and video gaming.

However, this smart little idea is going to help people find a bit of joy and connectivity. While some people were putting up shamrocks for St. Patricks Day, others are now putting up things like rainbows instead. It’s all about giving yourself an opportunity to add a personal bit of brightness to the street where you live.

It’s a cool idea and one that most parents are being encouraged to get their kids involved with. It’s going to be hard to keep the spirits of kids up when they find their freedoms are so intently curbed. But what you can do to help solve this problem is quite simple: you can tape their drawings to the window and give them a sense of creative relief.

We’re all going to have to get used to spending more time indoors and being creative with our own skills to get through this. While it might be tough for the majority to deal with, families will begin to see a wholesale change in the way they interact with one another.

It’s down to little things like seeing kids’ creativity on the windows of every home that will help us through these tough times. Every little helps, and that’s no different in this most challenging of times. 

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