Finally! These Cute AutoBrush Toothbrushes Will End the War of Kids Brushing Their Teeth!

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Parents Everywhere – Rejoice! The battle over kids brushing their teeth is coming to an end! Hopefully, the days are gone when your kids would not brush their teeth or cry through an episode of parents trying to force clean their teeth! This is all thanks to an incredibly cute kids’ toothbrush known as the AutoBrush!

The upside, these brushes do not look like a toothbrush, it is designed to clean the very tiniest of teeth up to big kid’s teeth. I also heard these AutoBrushes also come in large sizes for adults. 

These toothbrushes are rechargeable and come in four animal designs just for kids, Harley the Hippo, Lenni the Lion, Mattie the Monkey, and Ziggy the Zebra! 

All you have to do is fill the top and bottom of the mouthpiece which comes in 2 sizes, one for kids between the ages of 3 to 7 and the other for kids between the ages of 8 and up.

Let Your Kids Enjoy 

The toothbrushes are used with the AutoBrush’s foaming toothpaste, simply bite down on the silicone mouthpiece and the bristles, then push the button which will start the 30-second musical timer, and let your kids enjoy the fun lights, and vibrations.

When done, simply rinse off the antibacterial silicone mouthpiece with water and you are done!

This toothbrush is specifically designed to get all your kids’ teeth clean at one time, even those small teeth in the back. These brushes are also designed to work perfectly if your child has braces! 

One Less Battle to Fight

All said and done, the biggest advantage, you will get your kids to brush their teeth on their own. There are other toothbrushes that have music and lights but they can be difficult for little kids to control and how long they will stay in one area.

The AutoBrush takes the guesswork out of kids brushing their teeth and makes the entire session so much fun. Once your kids start enjoying these toothbrushes, you will discover so much more time you can spend on yourself, getting ready to head out the door.

You might still have many other battles to fight with your kids such as eating their breakfast, losing their shoes, whatever else, but their teeth will be clean and through it all, they are learning how to brush their teeth with these adorable animals AutoBrush designs.!

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