These People Were Captured Holding Hilarious Demonstration Signs

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Why it's just the sign of the times! Look closely at a crowd these days, and a few hidden laughs are easy to find. Jokers clearly want to lighten up the mood at demonstrations, marches, and rallies. What kind of wild and wacky signs are they sneaking in?

Practice What You Preach

Protests are often all about urgency. And when passions boil over, it can be hard to just sit still! One woman decided to promote an age-old virtue with her sign and stick. Did she miss the mark, though?

Russell Hubley

Well, the color choice is pleasant. But the message is a little confusing! Patience, right this minute — or else? When has that ever worked, lady? A silly demand, and a silly idea. But a great photo and the internet says: Thank you!

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