Game of Thrones Writer Teases Fans with Ending Talk

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For many fans of the hit TV and book series Game of Thrones, the only thing longer than the winter that is coming is the waiting time for George R.R. Martin to finish the book series. 


It’s interesting, though, because the writer has clearly found a nice little niche for himself here. With so much hype around his beloved series, he can stretch this out for as long as he likes!

However, fans of the TV series who were less than impressed with the ending might be happy to hear what George had to say recently. Martin has been writing these books since the 70s, but he says now that he’s got some good ideas for the final two books. 

An Ending is Not Neccasrly The Ending

He was speaking to the Germain newspaper Welt, and in the interview, he said that he has a clear vision for what the ending is. He also said that the TV ending (thankfully) is nowhere near the full ending for the book series. 


Speaking to Welt, he said: "People know an ending—but not the ending. The makers of the TV show had overtaken me, which I didn't expect."

That’s a good thing to know because let’s face it – the ending was awful. It felt like a complete departure – the whole final season did – from what makes GoT such a tremendous TV show. 

So, it’s nice to hear that fans of the series aren’t alone. However, if you are expected Martin to go through the show with two feet and make clear his disappointment, you don’t know the man.

A diplomat to the end, he’s not said anything too rude at all. His only suggestion was that the final series was “not completely faithful” – that’s one to put it, Mr. Martin!

It’s interesting, too, because some actors from the show have alluded that some of the things that took place in the eight season – such as Bran’s ending – were the ideas that Martin had come up with. So, who knows really?

Keeping the Audience Guessing

It’s hard to get a proper grasp on such an enigmatic and charismatic writer. Martin has made a career for himself essentially finding ways to keep his audience guessing.


It’s all part of the charm of his writing, really. And that shines through quite fantastically in how cryptic he’s being about the ending of his own book series. We all know how the directors intended to end the series, and fans were not impressed. 

Could this be a good thing, though?

It means that Martin knows more or less exactly what route not to go down with the ending of his books. 

Basically, don’t play it out anything like the madness that has taken place in the TV series. Don’t start decaying and killing off the character's personalities as they were in the TV series.

If he can do that, then the ending should be spectacular in comparison. For now, though, the waiting game is back on: but at least we know that Mr. Martin is actually en route to completion!