How Can I Help My Kids Take to Sitting in a Booster Seat?

As a parent, one thing you probably hate dealing with is getting the kids into their booster seat.


You’ll soon come to realize just how stressful this can be, and why most parents avoid trying to work with a booster seat like the plague. 

If you find it hard to make the kids happy in their little booster seat, though, you need to know roughly what you can do to help them calm down and find a bit of inner peace.

Here are some of the best ways to try and help your kid become a bit more comfortable about the concept of being in a booster seat:

• Be clear about the alternative - You shouldn’t be going too graphic on the details, but make them aware that it’s known as being safe for a reason.

• Help them to see the benefits - Show them that by sitting up in the booster seat, they are more ‘adult’ and might get to see some awesome sights from their chair.

• Pick out a cool and modern design - Kids will generally react in a much more positive and upbeat manner to a cool chair.

• Look for booster seats with branding and names who they will recognize - That’s a fine way to help your kids take to the booster seat a whole lot faster than normal.

• Try and pick something a bit more comfortable - Look into making sure you get something that is made of high-grade, comfortable fabric. The kids will appreciate the comfort.

However, remember that as the parent you are in charge. 

Parental Responsibility


Just because they “don’t want to” does not mean that you should relent. Put your foot down and showcase some authority.

If you get into the habit of doing this, then you are far more likely to make things progress and improve. The sooner you get them into the habit of sitting in the chair, though, the more likely they are to actually take sitting in the seat in the first place.

It’ll take a fair bit of negotiation but we’re sure that you will get there after a few days!