What Do These Iconic 90's Girl Crushes Look Like Today?

By Brett Loewenstern
Facebook / @sarahmichellegellar

It’s shocking, but the 1990s actually started thirty years ago. It was the beginning of the super modern era, with the advent of the internet and cell phones. And while all these changes were spreading, there were faces that defined a decade! Whatever happened to the cuties of the culture before the millennium?

Then: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Millions followed the saga of Sunnydale, CA on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, back in the day. And who wasn't a little in love with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the lead? Her vampire-slaying moves were must-see TV on the WB!

The show took audiences through twists and turns for 7 seasons before she exited the scene with a permanent place in 90s history. But fans may wonder: What has become her, since then?

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