Illinois: Girl’s Bedroom Wall Picks Up Radio Signals

Over the last few years, radio signals have been picked up by a wall in a family home in Illinois. The family reported hearing voices coming from inside the wall at their home in Lockport, Illinois and decided that there must be something within the wall that is picking up local radio signals.


The station in question was the local Christian radio station. The station, AM 1160, was happy to help the family and the owners, Salem Media Group sent over an engineer to help the family out. Sadly, they were unable to find out what was causing the issue.

Smith said that the engineer was completely nonplussed and just could not explain why the family could hear the station coming from their wall. 

The wall, located in the young daughter’s bedroom has been completely opened up and checked. The electrical grounding is perfect so no one can explain how, or what is picking up the local radio.

The family has occasionally hit on what they think is a solution but the problem just keeps coming back.

It is not unknown for household objects to pick up radio signals. 

In 2018 a man reported a household fan that was picking up radio even when it was switched off. 

The case of the bedroom wall is ongoing and remains a mystery.