Instagram is Getting Ready to Launch Their AI Tool to Discover Offensive Comments

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The Facebook-owned company, Instagram, announced they have been working with a tool for the AI system to detect offensive comments on users’ phones and/or videos and is warning people their comments could be conceived as offensive to others. This will give users the opportunity to reconsider their wording.


Instagram made an announcement on Monday their new AI system tool will be released to some countries very shortly. The tool has been designed to help fight against bullying which has seriously become a huge problem for many platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

One of the main reasons for taking a stance on bullying, Instagram has suffered from being ranked as one of the very worst platforms in a cyber-bullying study in 2017.

The tool is easy to use, all a user has to do is get access to the tool and type in an offensive comment on Instagram and they will immediately receive a message that the comment is similar to others reported for bullying. At that time, they have the option to edit their comment before publishing it.

On top of reminding them about bullying practices, Instagram is trying to educate people about what they allow and what they do not allow. Users will also learn their accounts could be at risk for breaking Instagram’s rules.

Early Warning

Earlier this year, Instagram had launched a feature very similar to this one for notifying people if their comments on other users’ posts could be considered offensive.


Instagram feels the results have been quite promising and they discovered that little nudges can actually encourage people to reconsider if their comment is considered offensive and give everyone the chance to change it.

Internet culture writer and author of the book YouTuber told BBC News this feature is part of a broader move by Instagram to become more aware of the users’ well-being.

They are discovering and cracking down on images of self-harm to hiding “likes” so other users are not likely to equate their self-worth by how people click “like” on their photos. The app has been moving forward to try and roll back some of the more damaging changes it’s had on society.

To us, this seems like putting the right foot forward to address the serious issue of bullying and hope they will be launching this tool shortly.