Jennifer Aniston Has Auctioned Off A Nude Photo Of Herself For Charity

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Due to the coronavirus, many celebs are doing what they can to raise funds for organizations. Jennifer Aniston decided to do her part in a different light! She is offering a nude photo of herself for a lot of money!

She announced on Instagram that a nude photo of herself would be going up for auction and even though it’s not a new photo, it’s a photo from 1995 taken by photographer Mark Seliger who teamed up with friends to auction off 25 of his portraits including one of Aniston. 100% of the proceeds will go to @NAFClinics, which is an organization that offers free coronavirus testing (nationwide) and care for the medically underprivileged.

The National Association of Free & Charitable (NAFC) Clinics, located in Virginia, was founded in 2001. Their goal is to give people the best healthcare anywhere. Earlier on this year, the organization won the GuideStar 2020 Platinum Seal of Transparency. The Seal of Transparency is awarded to those who give information about themselves including financial information and their goals. This has given NAFC Clinics a stronger voice and visibility in the GuideStar database. The NAFC Clinics have joined companies such as March of Dimes and Girls, Inc in the Platinum category.


Mark Seliger met Aniston during the second season of Friends when the cast had already become household names. Aniston and Seliger came up with the “now famous pose” before shooting. She said it worked out well in a prelight and thought it would keep an organic and a classic feeling. She wanted some sense of formality to it and it just seemed to work really well.

Seliger said Aniston is not the first celebrity he has shot in the nude. Kim Kardashian, Drew Barrymore, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have all sought after Seliger’s talent for the perfect photoshoot.

Since then, Seliger had continued to take photos of the Friends cast until the show ended. Due to the Coronavirus, Seliger has been photographing quarantine life in New York City. His photos of empty New York City streets have been featured in Vanity Fair.

Aniston worked on the second season of The Morning Show before the epidemic hit while other productions shut down, like Apple TV.+ The Morning Show features Aniston in her first lead since Friends and she won the SAG Award for the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series in January. While in production for her new film “The Fixer” the film shows Aniston portraying the real-life sports manager Denise White.

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