Lady Gaga has Chosen to Self-Quarantine to Prevent Getting Coronavirus

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Lady Gaga announced on Instagram that she has decided to self-quarantine to prevent getting Coronavirus.


She has encouraged her fans to spread kindness, love, and compassion during this very difficult time. She said she would hang out at home with her dogs. She said she loves the world and she knows we will get through this. She wrote that she talked to God and we’re going to be fine.

She is taking precautions during this Coronavirus epidemic. Over the weekend, many cities, including Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago will temporarily shut down schools, restaurants, bars, gyms and other places to contain the Coronavirus. 

Doing her Part to Keep the Virus from Spreading 

The lady also shared photos, one of her posing on her couch with her three dogs while another with sunglasses and a leather jacket and one of her bundled up in a black hoodie flashing the peace sign.


She spoke with doctors and scientists and the best thing for everyone to do right now is self-quarantine and not hang out with people over 65 or in large groups. She wishes she could see her parents and grandmas but it’s much safer to not so she doesn’t get them sick in case she has it.

She shared her thoughts about the virus with a second post asking her fans to support each other during this difficult time in our lives. She said it’s important to acknowledge that we are and must be global, kind, and one community.

We cannot do this without kindness She thinks a lot about feeling like and being a human being. She added that the Coronavirus is not prejudiced. We need to accept there will be times we will feel powerless and out of control but can fill that void with kindness and become a part of the solution.

Then we have control of the situation. 

We can create healing by learning how to be kind and take care of each other and ourselves at this time.

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