Lifelong Friends Discover Amazing Fact Nearly 60 Years On

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When we have good friends for most of our life, we assume that they know everything about us. Spend time with someone for long enough, and you’ll feel like you have told them every life event you’ve been through. Every bit of wisdom that you have stored away, you will feel as if you have shared. 

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This will go on for years, with stories being repeated and punchlines known well in advance of the story finishing. What about, though, those rare moments when you do find a new story to tell?

This was the intriguing end result of a conversation between Walter MacFarlane and Alan Robinson. 

Best mates since the 1960s, the duo thought they knew everything about one another. From sports teammates to best mates in just about every other activity, they were like brothers in many ways. 

However, the odd thing about the two boys was that neither of them knew who their biological parents were.

Robi was adopted and never met his parents, while Walter never knew his father. While the two had drifted somewhat in later life – it happens to us all – they both retained contact.

For over 60 years, they managed to stay in touch as one became a pilot and the other became a football coach. For his 74th birthday, Walter and his family decided to buy him a DNA test to find out who his biological father would have been.

When he took the test, though, the fact that the strongest match was for a user called Robi737 raised eyebrows. 

Given that Robi flew 737 aircraft, alarm bells were very much ringing in their minds. They looked more into the results, and apparently it showed that Walter and Robi were actually half brothers!

An amazing discovery

Calling up Robi to discuss what he had just found out, he asked if Robi was the Robi737 from the website. And when he said he was, it left the two in no doubt of what they assumed: these two best mates were actually related. 

It’s a wonderful conclusion to what has been a lasting and solid friendship. Having helped each other in their lives to deal with their parenting struggles, it turns out both were helping each out more than they knew!

Speaking about it, Walter said it was “hard to fathom”, while Robi described it as a “Christmas miracle”.

What an amazing discovery – it must have been a truly special experience. With plenty of time left on the clock, these two best mates-turned-brothers will make sure they can make up for all of that lost time!