Loyal Dog Keeps Boy Company During Time-Out Session

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In the middle of the COVID-19 panic, we’re all going to find ourselves with shorter fuses than normal. This is going to manifest itself in a whole host of ways, including how we deal with our kids and how we go about disciplining them. With so much time spent indoors now due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many kids are simply losing their patience and tempers – parents, too.

Source: The Dodo/Jillian Marie Smith

Tempers are frayed, and it’s going to mean a fair amount of kids spending their time in a ‘time-out’ zone at home. However, while humans might understand such rules when we get out of line, our beloved animals aren’t quite so aware of this aspect of social control. That’s why this amazing image of a little boy being put into ‘time-out’ mode is so adorable.

You see, he’s not just standing facing the wall to calm down on his own. He’s got his beloved big canine pal coming alone for a bit of emotional support. The look on the dog’s face is a picture – it’s like he’s joining in the with the little guy in showing how upset he is!

Source: The Dodo/Jillian Marie Smith

Dogs are known for their limitless empathy when they love their owners, and this little guy must be best mates with that dog. It looks crushed to see him so sad and facing the wall. When the toddler was sent to go for a time-out by his mother, Jillian, the dog decided to tag along. Peyton, the toddler, decided it was time to go for a little time-out and sat with his head slumped against the wall until he could calm down.

However, when Dash, his big English mastiff, decided to join him in the corner, it seemed a perfect time to show the true love between man and dog. It’s a heartwarming image that shows us that even when our kids manage to be little terrors they can still find ways to melt our hearts in a whole new variety of ways!

Source: The Dodo/Jillian Marie Smith

That’s why this is such a tremendous little thing to see. In a time where we’re all going a little crazy, being able to see a dog sitting with the child to help him calm down shows us that dogs really do know more than they are letting on. While you might want your child to time-out and calm down on their own, a bit of support from the family dog might be all they need to find a sense of perspective.

So, if you see your kid's best friend giving them a bit of time-out support in these crazy times, just let them. It might be just what your child needs. 

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