30+ Times This Cartoonist Nailed The Ups & Downs of Relationships

Yehuda Devir
Whoever said, "marriage is hard work" was not kidding. When the honeymoon stage is finished, life comes at you in full force, and you go through many good and bad times with your better half. Israeli artist Yehuda Devir has been married to his wife Maya, for some time, and he shares the most relatable moments in their relationship through his comic-style drawings.

From leaving hair everywhere to choosing who needs to do the dishes, the artist reveals the truth of married life from his perspective, and though the moments are intimate windows into his relationship, they often produce a giggle from fans who’ve found themselves in exactly the same predicaments. The following illustrations are a great way for couples to realize that their everyday life isn’t as ordinary as they might imagine and that they share their daily struggles with other couples all over the world.