Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Split: The Latest Royal Family Drama?

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Safe to say that it hasn’t been an enjoyable year or so for the British Royal Family. The Windsors have endured a bit of a challenging time recently, with some of their most prominent members making headlines for the wrong reasons.


There was the drama with Prince Andrew and his rather explosive interview with the BBC – one that left many more questions than provided answers.

Then, there was the early 2020 commotion involving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It’s a major part of the news cycle at the moment and has become a major talking point (somehow). 

Even with the UK about to go through one of its most major constitutional changes in decades, everyone is increasingly concerned about how the rebels of the Royal Family are going to get by.

With Harry and Meghan saying they’ll be ‘stepping back’ from the family, there was much consternation. According to reports at the time, the Royals had no idea that this was coming. 

"A Lot of Hurt"

It was seen as a shock, with sources claiming there is ‘a lot of hurt’ in the palace about their decision. Even Harry’s brother, Prince William, said that he and his brother were ‘separate entities’ now. Harsh words!


The couple said that they wanted to take a step back and intended to, in the long run, become ‘financially independent’. There has been a wholesale change in the personality of Harry since he got married. 

Once seen as the ‘party boy’ of the family, Harry was known for everything from scuffles with paparazzi to playing strip billiards in Las Vegas.

Now? He’s an environmental activist, spends much of his time between North America and the UK, and puts a lot of time into humanitarian events. 

In short, he’s turned out a lot more like his mother, the late Princess Diana, than many would have ever expected. From the wild one in the family to someone who seems less absorbed with the madness of being a Royal, it’s fair to say he’s went through quite the transformation.

And in truth, why are people surprised? Harry, unlike brother William, never seemed a totally comfortable fit with the pomp and ceremony of being a Royal. 

We all tend to change a bit when we meet our partner, becoming more involved in the things that the other enjoys. Why should we be so shocked that Harry does not want to continue as things were?

Best of luck to the pair of them. It might seem like a major drama for the Windsor family, but it might do their battered media profile some good. After a hard 2019, this could actually be a good start to 2020; if they allow it to be.