Mom Shares her Hilarious Video Realizing She Drove to School Minus her Child!

Probably a lot more parents have done the same thing but have not admitted to it! We all make mistakes like pouring creamer in the sugar bowl and sometimes we even drive to school without our kids! A testament of Early Morning Idiocy!


Well, this mom had no problems posting her morning mistake and allowing it to go viral. Mom, at one point, had looked in the back seat and proceeded to tell the camera, that the back seat of her vehicle was minus of all children. 

She said she couldn’t believe she drove all the way to school without any of her kids being in the car.

What’s got to be even more embarrassing, she had to turn around, go home and collect her missing kids that she left behind. 

She said that she knew she was supposed to bring her kids to school but just got in the car and drove away! She told the world she felt like a total idiot and was half asleep at the time she left home.

When she got home, I’m sure her kids had already had a great morning and were probably disappointed when they realized they would still have to go to school!