New Scooby-Doo Movie set for Direct-To-Home Release

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As we grow used to living in quite trying times, simple things like a trip to the cinema with family and friends seem like a long time ago. The thrill of waiting for a new release and watching it unfold around you on the big screen is a special feeling indeed. However, with the cinema something we’ll need to look forward to when normality returns, how can you enjoy new media being released just now instead? Well, you could follow the path of the new Scooby-Doo movie, Scoob! is going to be doing.

Poster of the new film Scoob! | Warner Animation Group

Instead of setting a stall for a cinematic release, the animated scene-setter for major Scooby-Doo franchise characters will instead release directly for on-demand home watching. This was made clear by Ann Sarnoff, the Warner Bros. chairman. In a statement, she said: “While we’re all eager to be able to once again show our films in theatres, we’re navigating new, unprecedented times which call for creative thinking and adaptability in how we distribute our content. We know fans are eager to see Scoob! and we’re delighted we can deliver this feel-good movie for families to enjoy while they’re home together.”

A new kind of opening day release

So, fans of our favorite investigative dog might need to get used to the idea of having Scooby in the house with them instead. The release is set to skip the cinema season entirely and instead will look to get a hotter release by being injected directly onto our own little personal cinemas at home. This follows on from the decision of Universal, who decided to go for a digital release of Trolls World Tour instead of going down the cinematic route.

From the new film Scoob! | Warner Animation Group

Who knows? This could be an interesting divergence away from the big screen release that has become so common across the cinematic world. With Universal claiming that they saw their biggest ever opening day and opening weekend release figures for a VOD, this could become the new normal.

A price tag of around $30 is being discussed, with the aim of watching together as a family being the most likely setting. And hey! You don’t need to spend like ¾ of your bank balance on cinema food. You could even make some of it at home – all it takes is an inventive trip to the stores and you can come up with some pretty nifty goodies for the big release.

The trailer for the film looks awesome (check it out below)  and should set the scene for what looks to be a long-term planned series of releases all about Scooby and co. – are you as excited as we are for this big release? 

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