Popular Food Combinations You Actually Might Want to Avoid

Food is one of the most important parts of our day, and for many of us, food is essential to our daily enjoyment. However, while most of us do enjoy a bit of indulgence via junk food and the like, some common food combinations should actually not go together very well at all.

Interested in trying to change up your eating habits? Then you might want to consider the following.

Photo: NordWood Themes/Unsplash

Yoghurt and fruit

This will annoy a lot of people, and we understand why. Yoghurt and fruit are very common breakfast alternatives for people looking to be ‘healthy’. Yet when mixed with fruit, yoghurt can become very hard to digest and it can create a very sour experience for your stomach.

If you find that you are struggling to digest your breakfast of fruit and yoghurt, it is because they do not tend to agree with one another. Sorry!

Burger and chips

A burger and fries are the staples from just about any kind of burger house, but they make awful allies on a plate. It is better for you to have two of one type as opposed to one of each. You will be taking in fewer carbs by having, say, two burgers, and you will also likely take in fewer calories. You will also take in more protein if you ate two burgers over a burger and chips. 

Photo: Wright Brand Bacon/Unsplash

Bacon and eggs

Last but by no means least is bacon and eggs, a breakfast staple for many. Bacon and eggs, whilst tasty, make very poor companions on a plate. Both are rich in protein, and this means that it can take your body a long time to work through and digest it all.

On top of that, both are rich in saturated fats and bacon is also very high in sodium. While tasty, they probably aren’t the best companions.

Food is a huge part of our life, and if you are someone who enjoys the above, you might want to rethink. As hard as it might be, these common staples do not work very well together!