Popular Outdoor Activities to Enjoy When the Weather is Sweet

Even the most downcast of individuals will find that, on a sunny day, their outlook on life is just a bit nicer. While the winter wonderment of snow is always fun to look at, snow is rarely more satisfying than a green field topped with a cloudless blue sky. Yet, when outdoors, some of us find it hard to come up with things to do other than sitting and socializing. If you want to enjoy some sunny days with a few more exciting activities, you should consider trying out the following:

Photo: MI PHAM/Unsplash

Bring a soccer ball

If you can find a flat field of grass, then all you need is a soccer ball. You don’t even need goals – you can have plenty of fun simply passing a ball between two people, or trying to dribble and run with the ball at pace. Trying flicks, tricks, and other ways to improve your skills can be the best way to help you get a bit more out of sunny days.

Frisbee golf

Another fun game to play out in the sun is the ultra-endearing frisbee golf. You play this like normal golf, except you throw a frisbee instead. You can set up courses with a few simple things like jackets and jumpers, so you should have no problem creating a little faux course to play around on. 

Photo: Amogh Rao/Unsplash


If you enjoy a bit of one-on-one sport, then something as simple as badminton can be played. All you need to do is get something that you can use as a net – even a simple bit of string or rope will do – and some badminton racquets and shuttlecocks. You can then start enjoying a highly satisfying and physically enjoyable sport that forces you to keep on the move.

Hide and seek

If you want to bring out your inner kid, then why not look out for some outdoor hiding places? Especially if you find something like a wooded area or a forest, you can enjoy some hide-and-seek fun. It’s all about finding ways to be creative in the outdoors, and something as simple as playing some H&S can be a good way to spend a sunny day running around in the bliss of the sunshine.

There are many ways to have fun in the sun – which of the above do you think would be the most gratifying and enjoyable?