Salma Hayek Slams “Too much botox” Comments Online

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For anyone who has ever been in the glare of the media, it sure can be tough to find some peace and quiet. The media invasion of the privacy of celebrities has become a major problem in our society, in truth. 


You find people from all walks of life having their entire personal lives investigated all because they were the host of a TV show. It’s vile. One person who has shown the way to fight back against this pervasive culture, though, is Salma Hayek.

She recently posted an image on Instagram that showed her looking absolutely fantastic. The photo got a lot of comments, most of them nice. Some clowns, though, decided it would be good to start hitting out with completely unfair comments regarding Botox usage. 

Some people started handing out their needless critique, saying things like “Too much Botox!” with a sad face emoji. 

As if that makes it any nicer to say.

Got It Out of Her system

Hayek, though, was quick to shoot back at these horrible people. She posted quickly saying “I don’t have Botox”.

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For someone who is 53, Hayek is looking absolutely incredible. She even responded cheekily to some, saying “Thank you for the advice, because I was thinking maybe it’s time.”

Thankfully, enough people made it clear that one thing Hayek does not need is facial adjustments. She looks absolutely outstanding. She’s got some long-term history with cosmetic treatments, but that purely comes from her acting talent.

She’s played roles, like in Like A Boss, where she had to go properly over the top with how she looked for the party. Acting is a solid thing to do, and it’s sop hard to be a top actress.

Hayek, though, proves that you can do the job incredibly and still look absolutely amazing after so many years at the top.

A tremendous talent – and all without artificial adjustment! 

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