Simple Games that Adults can Enjoy on an Evening Stuck Indoors

Summertime might be coming to a depressing end, meaning more time stuck indoors, but that does not mean the fun has to end. Indeed, if you are someone who fears the drawing in of the evenings means a drawing in of the good times, here are some adult-friendly games that you could play at home together.

When enjoyed together, these games could be just what you are looking for to pass an otherwise dark and dour evening!

Photo: Big Potato/Unsplash

Pun Anarchy

While some say that puns are the lowest form of wit after sarcasm, puns can still make a whole room laugh.

Games like Pun Anarchy are easily found online, and you can then come up with comedy puns of your own to add to the pile. This is quite a comical evening, especially if you are in the company of quick-witted people who enjoy a bit of humor.

Guess the Meme

If you are part of a social group that is Very Online, then you could use a modern take on Pictionary to your advantage. Simply get someone to start drawing out a popular meme from the web, and see how long it takes someone to guess the meme.

Probably a waste of time with anyone over the age of 30-35, but definitely a good time to be had by all if you are clued up on your internet culture.

Photo: Big Potato/Unsplash

Artistic Showcase

If you have a few whiteboards and pens lying around, you could do something akin to the above. Basically, get an image up on the TV, and then everyone has, say, 2 minutes to draw their best take on the photo on the screen.

This can become hilarious in the extreme, especially if you have all enjoyed a few refreshments and the inner artist begins to show off their skills. If nothing else, you can get a good laugh out of the failures which will inevitably be produced!

Adult Jenga

Easily bought online, you can pick up an Adult Jenga game and see how many blocks you can all put together without it falling over. This is a good bit of fun, and it can be turned into a drinking game, or perhaps something a touch more NSFW. Try and make a particular shape or just see how high you can all get the Jenga blocks to go.

Which games do you think you and your social group would enjoy most as we move into the more indoors-y part of the year?