The Battle Between Dad, Baby, And The Newly Discovered Popsicle!

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Tim Ford Jr, really believed he was in for a sweet treat, in more ways than one, with his 5-month-old son, Tim Ford II or T3. He opened a strawberry ice pop and could see that his son wanted in on every bit of this treat. Because T3 is a baby, ice pops are sugary and probably not the best choice for T3 but Tim gave his son a small lick but one lick was not on this baby’s agenda. T3 realized that food is one of life’s greatest joys!


Tim said his son was too serious! What A Blessing. Tim captioned the video which he shared on Instagram in November 2019. During an interview with Today, Tim said the funniest part of the entire video was that T3 really tried to forcefully snatch the ice pop away from me! I didn’t realize he was that strong!!

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Man he was too serious! 😂 what a blessing. ❤️

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