The FIN Prosthetic is Changing Lives of Amputees!

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Here is the least expensive amphibious, 3D Printed Prosthetic allowing amputees to enjoy in the water without any stress. It’s called The FIN!

Photo by Northwell Health

Now, amputees can enjoy simple pleasures just like everyone else including pools and beaches thanks to this ingenious new prosthetic designed for use in water.

Researchers from Northwell Health have created “The FIN” prosthetic so you can use it both in and out of the water without having to switch prosthetics.

Professor Ona Bloom from the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research at Northwell Health explained that adults with limb amputation are less likely to get involved in physical activities than others. They also run a high risk of heart disease and strokes.

Actually, swimming is recommended to help amputees to remain active. Unfortunately, standard, cost-effective swim prosthetics that allow an individual to transition from walking on land to swimming in water did not exist until now with “The FIN”.

The FIN is a 3D-printed out of carbon fiber enhanced nylon and lined with a series of conical holes allowing water to pass through the prosthetic creating a natural drag and propulsion with its movements.

Testers are very happy

Since the researchers first began developing the FIN, 10 amputees have tested the prosthetic and considered it an incredible success. The results of the study were just recently published in the journal of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Photo by Northwell Health

The findings showed that the FIN is very easy to use. Dr. Bloom said all the participants were able to use it quite successfully during the first try. On top of that, the time it took to exit the poor was incredibly reduced and many of the users liked the FIN more than the typical swim ankle prosthesis.

Lieutenant Commander Detective of the New York Police Department, Seamus Doherty, along with one of the participants who wear the prosthetic. As soon as he put it on, the FIN he tested it in the water, they knew they were on to something spectacular.

The participant said that other prosthetics are really expensive and he never wanted to wear them when swimming at a pool or at the beach because they could be damaged or worse yet, stolen while in the water.

Doherty said that before the FIN, he had to hop around the beach or pool on one foot and try to maintain balance in the water while playing with and looking out for his son. Standing on one leg took all the joy out of the day and he always felt it was a safety issue.

Since the FIN, none of those issues or concerns existed anymore. He’s able to wear it all day both in and out of the water, walking on the boardwalk, on the beach or by the pool. Doherty said he can now enjoy all outdoor activities with his family without any concerns. 

He now enjoys great moments with his son, riding waves, jumping waves, and just swimming thanks to the FIN. The FIN is pure stress-free for all of us together.

Photo by Northwell Health

The great news, the FIN is currently approved for use by the FDA, Amputees who are interested in acquiring their own custom-made FIN are encouraged to contact Northwell Health at their website by Clicking Here

The institute has a team that never charges patients directly and they go out of their way to make this life-changing prosthetic available to absolutely anyone by working with each individual and their insurance and/or health care provider to make the FIN affordable for all.