The NYC Socialite Who Conned Everyone

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It's not fun being conned by someone you believed was close to you. Someone whom you trusted as a friend or confidant.

The name Anne Delvy used to be known by everyone in the New York socialite scene. But despite her popularity, her origins and history were something of a mystery. This is her story.

She is the girl who ruled the Soho socialite scene by cleverly placing herself with the right people. She was always in the right places, at the right time and knew exactly how to talk to others, until it all came crashing down.

A Mysterious Woman

Anne Delvy is the women we're talking about. Although at first glance there is nothing spectacular about her, she somehow made the New York scene her own.

It seemed her goal was almost to climb to the top of the social ladder no matter what. She surrounded herself with people who would help her reach her ambitious goals, but it was her over-ambition that would eventually lead to her downfall.

Keep reading to see how she did it: