Britain's Oldest Identical Twins' Secret To a Long Life Might Be More Racy Than You Probably Imagine

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According to many officials including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average person in America lives around 78 years. What if you don’t accept it and want to live a much longer life into your 90s or higher? This question has been answered many times over with some believing you should remain single or drink a lot of vodka martinis!

Well, Lil and Doris who are 95-year-old identical twins have a different slant on the subject. While on Good Morning Britain they revealed some startling comments. In October 1018 an article in Good Housekeeping said 30 Centenarians shared their secrets for living to 100 years of age! Ruth Benjamin who is 109 said the secret is bacon and potatoes while Edith Wylie who is 106 believes eating Cheerios while watching the 5 0’Clock news is this answer. On the other hand, Andy Edema. 101, believes you should drink vodka but stay away from smoking. At 105, Mildred Bowers said the secret to her longevity is consuming her 4:00 PM beer.

Lil and Doris have nothing on these people who are well over 100, they do have a really hilarious view on the subject. Just recently, the twins became the oldest identical twins in Britain. They were invited on the Good Morning Britain show and the host, Piers, Morgan, asked so many questions including the secret to living so long. If he was expecting a vodka and martini answer, he didn’t get one! Doris’ answer was quite simply, “Plenty of Sex”! Piers Morgan roared while Lil scolded her sister. The co-host Suzanne stood there with her mouth wide open and eyes bulging. At 95, Lil was willing to give up the rest of her life for a single night with actor and producer Jason Statham “One night with him and I’ll die happy”!

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Piers Morgan, had a different slant and asked the twins, how about a liaison with Capt. Tim Moore? He is 99 years of age and a WW II veteran who raised well over $15,000,000 for Britain’s National Health Service by walking. He did 100 laps and figured he could raise 1000 pounds! Lil rejected Morgan’s suggestion, exclaiming: “I want bloody thrilling, not killing!”

Lil and Doris have become overnight sensations and viewed by millions around the world who have watched the Good Morning Britain video. They have gotten so many calls and it’s been strongly suggested they have their own show because they have brought so much joy into people’s dark lives. No matter how old you are, Lil and Doris have had an impact on everyone’s lives. We look forward to their 100th birthday and can hardly wait for the next five years of comments!

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