Things to Know About a C-section before Undergoing One

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For anyone either already pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, one term might come up again and again: the C-section. This has become a very common method of delivery for a child today.


In fact, this very writer was brought into the world via C-section – apparently, I was one of the first in my home country to be delivered this way!

While most parents have an idea of labor and delivery going one way, sometimes your body won’t allow it. If you have never read much into C-sections, here are some important details to memorize.

This is Totally Normal to be Used Today

While some soon-to-be mothers have it in their heads that the birth should happen without painkillers and the like, it’s a bit of a social fallacy.


There is no added bonus for having your kid the ‘normal’ way; the main thing is a happy, healthy birth for both parent and child. 

So, make sure you don’t see C-sections as abnormal or some kind of thing you need to feel worried about.

Stools are Still a Nightmare

You might have heard that most women have a hard time having their first stool after childbirth. This won’t magically change because you went for a C-section.


It’s still going to be a mostly miserable and uncomfortable experience. If they offer you a means of softening down your stool, take it. You have absolutely nothing to gain from soldiering on and dealing with this on your own.

Injuries are Commonplace if You Exert Yourself Too Much

After a C-section, you are going to need a hell of a lot of rest to try and keep yourself in good condition. 


This means that you shouldn’t expect to be doing too much for the first while after birth. Whilst snuggling up with your baby, don’t exert yourself too much. This can lead to injuries, so use the support network around you. Make use of every aid and piece of help offered to you – you deserve it!

You Can’t Drive Either

Don’t think that you can just hop in the car and speed off with baby, either.


After a C-section, you will not be allowed to drive for a period of time. Given what you go through, you will be given a range of timescales to follow before you can get the A-OK to drive once again. It’s likely to be a couple of weeks, so get used to not being able to drive off down to the store for a little while.

This is Still ‘Natural’

Many people have put off the idea of a C-section because we’ve built up this big fallacy that it’s not natural. This is not the case at all. 


It’s an entirely natural way to be conceived, and I am not just saying that because it was how I came into this world!

Yes, it might not be ‘normal’ to come out this way, but it’s absolutely natural. Don’t feel like you have to go down a more dangerous route.

Trust us, though; going through a C-section is not something you need to fear. The program is so refined and adjusted today that, really, you have absolutely nothing to fear by going through this process. 

In fact, it’s not something you should worry about – with the C-sections available today, it’s one of the safest, simplest ways to handle the birth of your child. 

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